Thursday, February 1, 2007


This is my first post for this blog. I'll try to update it as much as possible and would welcome any feedback to any post.

Interesting day in the market today. Dow up 52. Nas 4.5, and S&P up 7.7. I think people were still buying from yesterday's decision by the Fed to not change interest rates. Once the decision came out, the Dow instantly shot up about 100 pts.

I see that oil prices are gradually working their way back up. This is probably being pushed by the colder weather across much of the US. Although weather shouldn't affect today's prices, do keep in mind that almost move in a stock is a pre-pricing for future events. Rarely does a stock move based on something in the past. Wall Street is all about the future.

I've set up a CAPS account on the Motley Fool Website. This allows you to rate stocks in our own portfolio and you get points based on how much you beat or lose to the S&P 500 return. Kind of interesting. There is a lot of info about stocks and investing on that site, and I would recommend trying it.

As I go along, I'd like to share my best resources as a continue to find them. My basic staple website, is Yahoo Finance. It is just a great resource. Current, up to date quotes and news, and a ton of info about every stock. Also some very nice market commentary through various columns.

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