Thursday, March 29, 2007

Check Up On My Picks

Positions Updated As of Tuesday, March 25 2008

When I pitch a stock on the blog, I put it into the blog portfolio. This portfolio is meant for a general way to keep track of the stocks or funds that I pitch. It doesn't display how I have each position weighted in respect to the entire portfolio. It also doesn't take dividends into account, or gains that would occur on idle cash.

Here are the positions:

2008 Closed Positions:

Ultrashort Dow 30 ETF (DXD)

Bought August 10, 2007. Price 51.15
Sold February 13, 2008. Price 55.52
Net Gain/Loss: Gain 8.5%

Short Dow 30 (DOG)

Bought May 24, 2007. Price 58.75
Sold February 13, 2008. Price 62.73
Net Gain/Loss: Gain 6.8%

Short Financials ETF (SKF)

Bought: August 10, 2007. Price 87.50
Sold: February 13, 2008. Price 108.43
Net Gain/Loss: Gain 23.9%

2007 Closed Positions:

Frontier Oil (FTO):

Bought: March 1, 2007. Price 30.04
Sold: July 23, 2007. Price 46.24
Net Gain/Loss: Gain 53.95%

Garmin (GRMN):

Bought: March 5, 2007. Price 51.67.
Sold: August 2, 2007. Price 95.85.
Net Gain/Loss: Gain 85.5%

Valero (VLO):

Bought: March 1, 2007. Price 57.20
Sold: July 23, 2007. Price 73.13
Net Gain/Loss: Gain 27.85%

Open Positions:

Apple (AAPL): Up 56.59%
Amgen (AMGN): Down 30.99%
America Movil (AMX): Up 5.46%
American Express (AXP): Up 5.37%
Bank of America (BAC): Down 18.77%
Best Buy (BBY): Down 7.97%
BHP Billiton (BHP): Up 25.50%
Biogen (BIIB): Down 2.75%
Caterpillar (CAT): Down 6.18%
CNOOC (CEO): Up 53.54%
Global Water Fund (CGW): Down 10.04%
Capital One (COF): Down 25.28%
Chevron (CVX): Up 23.00%
Cemex (CX): Down 21.03%
Echostar Comm. (DISH): Down 30.77%
Emerging Markets ETF (EEM): Down 2.88%
Japan ETF (EWJ): Down 8.30%
Mexico ETF (EWW): Down 9.70%
Brazil ETF (EWZ): Down 2.15%
Japanese Yen ETF (FXY): Up 8.44%
Granite City Food and Brewery (GCFB): Down 47.79%
General Electric (GE): Down 7.07%
Goldman Sachs (GS): Down 12.57%
Gilead (GILD): Up 11.98%
India ETF (INP): Down 9.26%
Noble (NE): Up 13.68%
Manitowac Corp. (MTW): Down 3.31%
Johnson&Johnson (JNJ): Up 6.16%
Coca Cola (KO): Up 22.84%
Altria (MO): Up 12.30%
Proctor&Gamble (PG): Up 11.84%
Nasdaq Short ETF (QID): Up 2.47%
Novartis (NVS): Down 5.31%
News Corp. (NWS-A): Down 7.97%
SAP Software (SAP): Down 6.33%
S&P 500 Short ETF (SDS): Up 7.77%
AT&T (T): Up 1.16%
T Rowe Price (TROW): Up 14.27%
Travelers Co. (TRV): Down 11.79%
Mac Gray (TUC): Down 16.71%
Ultrashort Russell 2000 (TWM): Up 1.91%
Textron (TXT): Down 13.56%
UPS (UPS): Down 3.29%
U.S. Bank (USB):
Up 3.95%

Wellpoint (WLP): Down 29.93%
Industrials ETF (XLI): Down 6.95%


Rosann said...

Thanks Michael for the great information. I invest regularly through my work retirement account mutual funds. But sometimes when I have an extra $1000 or $2000, I like to invest in stocks that will grow and that might be kind of "fun" to own. Something like a cutting edge technology or an old classic like Coca Cola. I know that thi is kind of a subjective request, but do you have any ideas for me?

Michael said...

I would say that it would depend on your risk tolerance. No one likes risk, but sometimes added risk could equal greater reward. I like to focus on classic companies that are trading at discounts, and they provide less risk while still paying good dividends. I do also like mixing in some riskier growth type companies as well. If you're looking for something "fun" to own, I would suggest looking a local company, or a company in which you frequently use their product or service. Toward the lower risk, I like Johnson and Johnson (Symbol JNJ). It isn't likely to make swift moves, but its a great investment. In a growth company, I like Garmin (Symbol GRMN). They are a leader in GPS devices, specifically the popular in-car Personal Navigation Devices. But you need to watch for a good buy point on Garmin, because while the overall trend is upward, they can move up or down quickly. I hope I've answered some of your questions, and feel free to post more if you have any. Thanks

ilanit said...
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