Thursday, March 1, 2007

Continued Volatility and What To Do

Today's trading continued with the type of swings that make most individual investors pretty nervous. Being down 200+ early today was making me think again about Tuesday's drop. In terms of stability right now, I like a few names. I like Bank of America (BAC) anywhere under 50. They pay a strong dividend, and are growing nicely. I'd also look at some gasoline/oil refiners. Valero (VLO) or Frontier(FTO) performed well today. They are benefiting from the strong demand for gasoline, without the risks of finding the crude oil, drilling it, and transporting it. Those elements are more at risk in my mind. The refiners are looking good here.

I don't like many other sectors, but a few individuals. I like T Rowe Price (TROW). They are growing nicely, and just reported a good quarter. They have a great group of quality funds with relatively low costs. They have a great reputation for quality in the industry. I'd take advantage of any drops because of the overall market correction.

I'd also take a look at EchoStar Communications (DISH). They operate Dish Network Satellite. They just reported a nice quarter, which included 350,000 new net subscribers. They are facing stiff competition from what the cable companies are offering with bundling of tv, internet, and telehphone, but I'm still positive on them here. Good potential for a buyout as well.

That's all for now. Lets see what Friday brings.

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