Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Portfolio Update

The portfolio continues to cruise along, up 11.25% collectively. Some notes here:

-We've benefited from the iPhone mania, which Apple(AAPL) rising 40.60% and AT&T(T) rising 11.57%

-The call on oil refiners has been a great one, with Frontier Oil(FTO) leading the way up 54.18%. Valero(VLO) has also returned 29.90% for us.

-I've had limited exposure to financial names, which have been weak. Bank of America(BAC) is down 2.66%.

-My biggest loser has been Amgen(AMGN), which has dropped 6.53%. They've been hit with some negative news on some of their drugs, but I see it as a natural cycle for a big business. This stock will be back, and what was once one of the big growth names, has become a value play.

In the near term, we'll keep an eye on the bond yields as a predictor of interest rates. Oil should continue to be strong. Have a great holiday!

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