Thursday, August 2, 2007

Clearing Out A Winner

I'm going to close the position for Garmin (GRMN). It has been a monster for the portfolio, gaining 85.50% percent for us.

Details on Garmin purchase: Bought March 5, 2007. Price 51.67.
Sold August 2, 2007. Price 95.85.
Net Gain/Loss: Gain 85.5%

Notes: I've followed Garmin for quite a while. They just reported a blowout quarter, which is great. However, I have seen it correct substantially before, especially when consumer and retail numbers start coming in weaker. I like it as long-term play, and may buy it again later, but I could see the stock come back 20% before continuing up.

Closed Positions YTD:

Frontier Oil (FTO): Gain 53.95%
Valero (VLO): Gain 27.85%
Garmin (GRMN): Gain 85.50%

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