Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Performance/Results

Well, 2007 is in the books, and its time to see how we fared. The Nasdaq led US stocks with a 9.8% return. The Dow returned 6.4%, and the S&P returned 3.5%.

Last year at this time, I recommended 10 stocks for 2007, and cumulatively, they returned 20.77%. Not bad. The losses were due to weakness in banks and a bet of housing turning around that obviously didn't happen. Here are the results for each of those ten:

Apple (AAPL): Up 133.47%
Bank of America (BAC): Down 22.72%
Capital One Finance (COF): Down 38.48%
Chevron (CVX): Up 26.93%
Cemex (CX): Down 23.59%
Garmin (GRMN): Up 74.27%
Johnson and Johnson (JNJ): Up 1.06%
Lowe's (LOW): Down 27.38%
Suncor Energy (SU): Up 37.79%
Textron (TXT): Up 45.84%

Also, I have the results for my blog picks portfolio. It is fairly diverse, and isn't specifically weighted in any sector more than another. It is just stocks that I've written about over the course of the year. That returned 6.69% overall. Major gainers include: Apple, CNOOC, BHP Billiton, Chevron, Noble Drilling, and T Rowe Price. The biggest losers were: Granite City Food and Brewery, Amgen, and Capital One. I'll update each position's gain or loss, which is displayed on the right tab under stock portfolio/performance.

I've made a few picks for 2008, but will put together a list of ten to twelve names like last year, as well as track the overall portfolio and newly added energy picks portfolio.

Hope everyone has a profitable and prosperous 2008!

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