Monday, January 14, 2008

A New Week

Good morning. I'm out of town and don't have all my typical resources, but wanted to get a post in. Stock futures are looking up this morning on the back of a good IBM report, and some positivity, yes positive commentary, from Credit Suisse about the US economy. The Fed has made it clear that they are going to be cutting rates aggressively. We've had some negative economic data, but haven't seen it for a prolonged period. Although some banks are short on capital, they aren't finding much trouble getting it. Banks have also tightened up on their money, which in itself appeared to be like a "credit crunch."

This, along with the media scaring consumers into thinking things are dire, could have created a temporary cut back. But we still could just be starting a new trend of getting worse as well. I like to subscribe to the adage "Its never as good as they say it is, and its never as bad as they say it is."

Ken Fisher's new Forbes Coulumn is out. In times of uncertainty, its nice to hear some clarity from someone who is a professional managing money. Click Here for column.

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