Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some Portfolio Changes

Some interesting things going on in the market right now. We're seeing some strength from retail numbers, and Buffett's investment helped investor sentiment. I'm interested in a few new moves in the blog-tracker portfolio:

I'm selling the Short-Financial ETF, for a 23.77% gain. I think money is going to start flowing back into financial stocks, but it will be gradual.

I'm also selling the Short ETF's for the Dow. DOG gained 6.72% and DXD gained 8.93%. Large cap stocks will probably outperform small cap.

So, I'm going to short the Russell 2000 index. Symbol TWM.

I'm going long Japanese Yen, as a hedge against the carry trade potentially reversing. Symbol FXY.

I'm buying ishares emerging market index fund. Symbol EEM.

I'm adding to current holding Noble Corp. Symbol NE. The outlook remains strong for them, and I feel they have advantages in two key areas 1)Deepwater and 2)International (non Gulf of Mexico) markets. They also trade cheaper relative to competitors despite higher profit margins and stronger growth.

I'm buying Biogen (BIIB) and Gilead (GILD) as well.

That's it for now.

Disclosure: Long NE, DXD

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