Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ready to Throw in the Towel?

Most investors, if they haven't already, are ready to throw in the towel here. No rally holds up longer than 24 hours, and the news seems to be weakening. Unfortunately, most people have it backwards. Our brains are trained to avoid short term pain, even if it means throwing away long term gain. This is why its so hard to be a successful investor. You need to basically take whatever emotion comes naturally, and do the opposite.

GE is reporting tomorrow. We all remember their Q1 results, which shocked the market. They seem pretty active in restructuring a bit, with news out this morning of potential consumer and industrial division spin offs. Any company that big is going to have too much trouble being nimble in a changing market.

Hang in there. Avoid the risk to bottom fish on troubled financial companies. Stick with strong brands, companies with growing earnings, and beneficiaries of global secular growth.

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