Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Catchup Post/Update

I'm out of town at a work-related conference, and will have limited time to post. Just want to pass along a couple of thoughts here today.

1) This stimulus plan is starting to look like a disaster. I can't imagine a worse time to add wasteful spending. We're being sold on a bill that will stimulate job growth in 2009. Just read some commentary on this bill. I don't need to say anything more. Here's a good starting point:

A 40 Year Wish List. Via WSJ.

2) The format of the blog has shuffled a bit in the past few weeks. I'm trying a few different things. Some based from ideas, and others based on the market. Previously I did more individual stock analysis and commentary, as opposed to news stories and links etc, which I've been doing lately. This is mostly due to the lack of investment ideas I'm finding. The best thing going right now is short term trading, and that really isn't what this blog is about. As I find more compelling stocks and sectors, those types of posts will increase again. I'm always open to comments and criticism about content and/or style of the blog.

3) I did update some links on the site. Specifically, I included links to some of my other writing elsewhere online. Some of it is writing from here re-posted with separate comments, and some of it is original content to that site, so its worth taking a look at if you're interested.

4) Personal Dividends is a new online magazine that I'm writing for. They cover topics integral to living a fulfilling and enriching personal life. Important issues covered range from Money and Wealth Management, Lifestyle Issues, Culture and Arts and Self Improvement. So go on over and take a look.

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