Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Bull Market for Lobbyists

Of all the things hurting our country and economy, nothing bothers me more than big business' influence in Washington, and the politicians that help them. When I see statistics like this, it makes me sick:

Total spending on lobbying will top $3.6 billion in 2009, up from $3.2 billion in 2008 and $2.8 billion in 2007. It was $1.4 billion ten years ago. The number of lobbyists has jumped, too. There are roughly 15,000 registered lobbyists pounding the pavement in Washington, up from 10,700 a decade ago. And there are several thousand not officially registered that do lobbying work for clients.

Of course, with the economic stimulus bill going forward, these lobbyists are scrambling like crazy to get more government dollars in their pockets. This is why Washington is broken. Many politicians are working for themselves, and not for the American people. Its a process that works for them during normal times, and only during difficult times do they see some scrutiny, but not enough to stop. Look at all the politicians involved in scandals lately. Some don't pay their taxes, others are involved in getting government contracts for those who contribute to their campaign, and others look to profit from appointments to key positions. Can this culture stop in Washington? It is crippling our country. You'd think during difficult economic times the American people would demand this activity to stop. But how would we do that? Where would we start?

Article via Kiplinger's Online.

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