Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What is on Your Watch List?

Last week I posted about the direction of the blog, and the format in which most of the content was heading. Because of market conditions, my posting has been a lot of news and stories, with my own take on them. I've been doing my best to look at individual stocks and sectors to analyze and discuss. So today, I'll share my watch list, or the current stocks on my radar. Keep in mind, these aren't all stocks I'm looking to buy, but names I'm keeping an eye on. I often watch specific stocks to see how they react in different markets and sometimes use them as indicators of strength or weakness in other potential names. If I have similar stocks, I'll post them together. So here goes...

ABB (ABB). Diversified electrical company with a great reach. I think they'll benefit from upgrades to the power grid and other efficient energy projects. Also a company positioned to do well once the market decides to plow money back into China and other emerging markets.

Apple and Google. (AAPL, GOOG). I like to watch these names as a barometer for tech stocks.

Nokia. (NOK). A beaten up stock, but a company I believe in. I think they will come out of this better than many other companies.

Wyeth. (WYE). They're being purchased by Pfizer. The only thing to watch now is if the stock trades closer to the buy price (around $50).

Ormat Technolgies. (ORA). Geothermal company. I love their outlook going forward. I've been waiting for the stock to get cheaper and it just hasn't happened. Stockholders aren't giving up on this one.

T Rowe Price. (TROW). A stock I've wanted to buy for ages, but wouldn't pay the premium. They have no debt and high profit margins. The stock is finally coming down as their outlook has weakened, but I'm still waiting.

Charles Schwab. (SCHW). One of the big winners in the collapse of the old Wall Street. More money will be flowing their way.

Family Dollar, Dollar Tree (FDO, DLTR). Benefiting as consumers "trade down." Unfortunately, we're a little late to the party here. I like the story, but I'm not going to buy the stocks just because of that. They're too expensive now for retailers.

First American, Fidelity National. (FAF, FNF). Title company stocks. Benefiting from consumers refinancing mortgages, and still doing well with transaction volume because of foreclosures. These stocks go up when mortgage rates drop. I'm still a little unsure on these names.

China Security and Serveillance. (CSR). Interesting smaller company. Gets a lot of business from the government. Should do well with their stimulus package. Provides security for train stations, public places, as well as private companies. I like this stock.

Mosiac, AG. Fund. (MOS, DBA). I'll want to get into these probably later in the year when we get a better picture of the global economy.

So what is in your watch list?

Disclosure: Long ABB, NOK, WYE

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