Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Interesting Reading-Wednesday

45 Percent of World's Wealth Destroyed Says Blackstone CEO. I remember writing a piece when Blackstone went public thinking "is this the top of the market." Blackstone is a huge symbol of this crisis-all created with leverage.

Paulson May Have Made $428 Million Shorting Lloyds. No one profited more from the crisis than this guy.

Stanford's Island Empire Emplodes as Antigua Grabs Properties. Its been a heck of a year for Ponzi schemes.

U.S. Companies Pull Out of Retirement Contributions. One of the many untold tragedies of this crisis. Also, how about those who spent their life saving, who've now moved to cash in retirement, and have to live of the U.S. dollar which will just erode in the next few years?

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