Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ABB: Can They Deliver on Earnings?

I've been following ABB since mid-2008. I like their exposure into the industrial electrical sector, and their global reach. Like many companies in their industry, their stock has taken a big hit over the past year, but there is some optimism for shareholders. They seem to been in a good spot relative to their peers for a couple of macro reasons: A) The U.S. is going to be spending a lot of money updating the power grid and providing encouragement for alternative sources of generating electricity. ABB is at the center of that. Heck the whole world is going to be doing that. B) China and other emerging markets. As of late 2008, 28% of their orders were coming in from Asia. I'd be interested to see if that number is improving.

The stock has been rallying a bit, up to 15.30 from its low of just over 9.00. Tomorrow they report earnings. Analysts are looking for 0.25/share. I'll be more interested in the details of their orders for the quarter.

In the results I've been reading from other companies, many seem more optimistic about China's Stimulus Plan than the U.S. version. ABB should benefit from both, and we'll see if they have anything to add.

Disclosure: Long ABB

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