Monday, May 11, 2009

Earnings/Monday Ideas

A couple of earnings releases I'm watching today:

-Ormat Technologies (ORA) reports this morning. I haven't seen anything out yet, but I'll do a post once I see those results. I'm looking to Ormat for an outlook on the geothermal industry, as they are a major player there.

-Advanced Battery Technologies (ABAT) reports after the close. This is a stock that I haven't followed, and quite frankly haven't done a ton of research on. I was intrigued by their CEO buying 1 million shares last week and the stock ramped up going into this release. Be careful here, as their is a lot of risk trying to play earnings, but I'll definitely be interested to see their results.

-Granite City Food and Brewery (GCFB) announces after the bell. This is a stock I've watched for some time. It was dead for quite awhile, but some some major buying last week. I'm interested to see if they too have done better than expectations like its peers.

On other fronts, excellent video/analysis by Brian Shannon out last night. This guy is an awesome technician. He has one of the two subscription blogs on The video is free and there are some great long and short ideas. Its worth your time to take a look.

Futures appear to be broadly lower this morning. More info is coming out on the stress tests, and its all a little fuzzy. Fairly quiet news day overall.

No positions in stocks mentioned.

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