Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Update

Just wanted to pause and take a look at a few of the stocks I've been discussing, and see what they're doing:

  • Commodities are running today. Natural Gas (UNG) has bounced off what appears to be a low just under 13. Crude and related stocks have been stronger. I've been wanting to buying Diamond Offshore (DO) for a couple of weeks, but its just been running away from me. I'll be a buyer when it pulls back.
  • On the Geothermal front, Ormat (ORA) is continuing its climb. Again, I'd wait until their earnings announcement on May 11 before I do anything there.
  • In the broad market, this has been feeling a little like a trap. I understand why stocks have been rallying, but fail to see the reasoning for a new bull market emerging. So as of now, I'm cautiously optimistic. If employment numbers improve, I'll be getting more bullish.
Disclosure: No current positions in these names, but have had in the past week, and likely will again.

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