Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Update/Trade

The market is strong today following the election news out of India. Here's a nice analysis of what's going on over there via Bloomberg.

This is important as India is one of the key drivers of global economic growth. They, along with China, are the rising stars of that region.

If you've been reading my posts lately, you can see that I'm growing more bullish, and have been buying some stocks. I don't know if this current rally will hold, but I'm looking more on a stock by stock basis, and am seeing some value out there. I'm not touching bank stocks, as I still feel the fundamental are impaired. I expect to be writing more posts like those earlier today describing the bull case for a few stocks.

I sold out of my DXO (double-long oil) position. I purchased it at the end of last week, and didn't expect it to sell it so quickly, but it moved up strongly today. I'm a medium to long term bull on oil, but wouldn't be surprised to see prices come back a bit. It was about a 7% gainer for me. Thanks to Todd Sullivan at Value Plays for that one.

Disclosure: No Positions.