Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Couple of Afternoon Links

Found a couple of things I wanted to pass along. (Both from Bloomberg)

1) Chinese Stocks to Recover From Plunge, Fisher Says.

Chinese stocks will recover from their steepest drop since November and end the year higher as speculation that the government will limit bank loans is unfounded, billionaire investor Kenneth Fisher said.

The nation’s economy is “gangbusters compared to the rest of the world, why would they try to kick that?” said Fisher, who has about $900 million invested in Chinese shares among the $28 billion he manages as chief executive officer of Fisher Investments Inc. in Woodside, California. “They have zero incentive” to curb lending, he said.

Zero incentive? How about the incentive to avert a massive bubble that when it deflates causes major financial problems? Let's see, I know we've seen this somewhere before. You don't even need to be a financial "expert" (like our Federal Reserve) to see that coming after what has happened in the US and Europe. I generally like what Ken Fisher has to say, but I believe hes just being a cheerleader and trying to attract assets.

2) Fannie, Freddie Won't Repay All Aid, Lockhart Says.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the largest U.S. mortgage-finance companies, won’t be able to repay all of the $84.9 billion in federal aid they have received since being seized by the government last year, their regulator said.

“Some assets and senior preferreds will have to be left behind as they come out of conservatorship, and that means some of those losses will never be repaid,” Federal Housing Finance Agency Director James Lockhart said at a speech in Washington today. “Their book is so large, it’s hard for me to see that they will be able to repay all of that.”

I think everyone saw this one coming. Its just unfortunate. That's my only comment here.

The market is enjoying another strong day as the bulls still have all the momentum and S&P 1000 looks easily attainable. I'm still interested to see what happens post-earnings, but for now the market is jumping on the recovery bandwagon. I'm holding all my longs and might trim a few if we see prices run up much higher. I have some stocks I'd like to buy, but hate chasing them.


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