Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Interesting Reading-Tuesday

Congress Drops Plan to Spend $550 Million on New Jets. This is such BS. Congress acts like they are listening to what the Dept. of Defense wants. They tried to sneak extra planes into the deal. Its time congress starts serving the public's best interest and not their own.

Renewable Power Industry Says US Moving Too Slowly. "BrightSource Energy President and Chief Executive John Woolard said that he was "two and a half years into a one-year process" to get permission to build a California solar thermal plant, which would use heat from the sun to power a turbine."

Clean Energy Summit. Sen. Reid opened his remarks by saying, “I’ve been converted. I now belong to the Pickens church," The important thing here is that Washington is starting to wake up and realize the potential of natural gas as a bridge fuel for the next couple of decades.

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