Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some Good Reading

I've been updating what I've been reading as my trading activity has been light. I should start a series of posts called "things to do while not buying stocks." That's been pretty much it lately. I continue to believe this market has been pushed too high given the economic situation out there. I'm still modestly bullish on a group of stocks that I've been profiling, and will be buying them when the market corrects. Here is a good piece from Bloomberg this morning echoing these sentiments.

Goldman Sachs Wrong on Economic Recovery, Macro Hedge Funds Say

Paul Tudor Jones is quoted in that article, and he also believes this rally isn't sustainable. Its difficult to know who to listen to amongst the so-called "experts" out there. If someone invests for a living, is successful, and has been successful for a long time, I listen to them. That's who I listen to. I don't pay attention to analysts for the most part or those who get paid to make projections rather than actually invest.

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