Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Update on UNG

Just to update, I did sell the balance of my shares this morning, around 10.14, I believe. Investors are treating it as if its going the way of DXO, which hasn't yet happened. No one seems to want to hang around and find out. According to Yahoo Finance the NAV on UNG is 9.35, but that's as of Aug 28. I'd imagine its lower now. If anyone has access to more up to date NAV data, I'd be interested in it. Its just an unfortunate situation as these ETFs can be great, but are becoming bigger than they were designed for. I'm not interested in investing when the rules are changing, and that's why I chose to leave UNG behind. I like natural gas, and will be investing in producers/alt. fuel companies in the (maybe not too distant)future.

Beyond that, I think the market is turning over a bit. Doug Kass had a nice strategy piece he put out echoing the same thing. I'll be buying if we see better prices, and I anticipate that happening this fall.

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