Friday, October 2, 2009

Time to Pay Attention

I've been very slow to get bullish during the summer months, and readers of the blog can attest to that. I've probably put too much energy in looking at economic data, and not enough in spotting actual undervalued stocks, which is my main objective. I feel that the ISM and employment data that has recently come up should give a reality check on the economy side. I'm not a believer in stimulus as I feel we'd be better off allowing institutions and individuals to de-leverage as opposed to encourage them to take on more debt.

Has the market topped in the near-term? Its possible. There have been plenty of people ready to buy the dips though, and I wouldn't be surprised to see that happen again either.

But like I said, I'd rather time stocks than time the market. I may make a couple of smallish buys in the next few days, and you can't expect to see more activity post-wise. As a value guy, its more fun when the market goes down as its time to pay more attention to the action again.

Let's find some value, and make some money!

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