Monday, November 2, 2009

Market Has Turned Negative

In my opinion, the market action seems to have a downward bias to it now. In the past few months, anytime negative news would come out, the market would dip, only to see bulls push through and move the market higher. Right now, it feels like the opposite. Earnings haven't been making big headlines and economic data is carrying more weight, as is the apprehension of investors and fear that stocks are overextended.

Small caps are getting hit hard. They are the most volatile and have moved the a lot to the upside during this rally, so their sell off comes as little surprise. I have a few names on my radar that I may pick at if prices continue to improve. I know I've been saying that for sometime, but I'm a very patient investor.

I do think that things are improving and many stocks could become attractive if prices fall further. I think the economy is slowly recovering, but just not to the level that stocks priced in. So if we see another over-reaction to the downside, I'd view that as an excellent opportunity to buy some stocks. In March, when we hit the lows, there were still a fair amount of major risks out there. Some of those have subsided, and some have been forgotten about. Either way, conditions are likely better than in March. So, like I said, if stocks become more attractive price wise, I think I'll be a buyer of some pretty substantial amounts.

Lets see what this week brings.


Anonymous said...

Any specific company(s) you want to get your hand on?

Michael said...

There are a variety of names. Compass Diversified (CODI) is one I wrote about at length and missed on an entry. Loews Corp.(L) is a stock I'd love to buy under 30. Burlington Northern (BNI), Diamond Offshore (DO), and maybe even the Brazil etf (EWZ). Possibly get back into silver (SLV) as well. I'll be sure to post if and when I buy any of these. Thanks for the comment!