Monday, December 28, 2009

End of Year Thoughts

This is my 600th post.  Hard to believe.  Even though I haven't been posting as much as I'd like for the past couple of months, I fully expect to ramp back up and keep this thing going.  I enjoy it a lot and am as committed to this journey as I've ever been. 

This has been one interesting year.  It has tested investors resolve and has rewarded those who can look past the noise, and in many cases those who can just go with the flow.  The way I see it is that even though the rules are changing and stocks are reacting to certain events differently than before, the market still is what it is.  There are still opportunities every single day.  That's why we all continue to come back.

I have a lot of good feelings and ambition heading into 2010.  I see lots of great opportunities out there for those who are willing to seize them.  I plan on being one of those people, and I hope to continue to pass some of that along on this site.

Thanks to all those who have followed consistently.  To those stopping by or seeing the site for the first time, I'd be happy to hear your comments and opinions.

Thanks again!

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Bill G. said...

True investors can make money regardless of what the market is doing. Sometimes it's easy and sometimes you have to put in a little more effort. Thanks for all the excellent posts, very helpful! Keep up the good work!