Thursday, December 3, 2009

General Growth Looking Good

Things continue to be looking up for General Growth Properties (GGWPQ) as they organize their plan to emerge from bankruptcy.  I've held a very small position in this since June, where I was able to pick up some shares around $1.80.  Shares are up near $8.00 today, making this my largest percentage gainer ever.  I only wish I had picked up more shares at the time.  But a nice gain nonetheless.  Here are my previous posts on GGP.

An enormous thank you to Todd Sullivan for this one.  He's been all over this trade from day one, and many people have made money on this one, and it appears there is more to come.  Thanks Todd!

Check out his awesome site here.

Disclosure: Long GGWPQ

UPDATE: WSJ Announces that Brookfield and Simon are buying General Growth Debt and are preparing to make a bid for all or part of assets.  More good news, and the stock continues to climb.