Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pfizer On Board With Healthcare Reform

Interesting commentary out today from Pfizer CEO Jeff Kindler.  For the most part, Pfizer is on board with health care reform.  As a shareholder, this is one question I was wondering.  How would reform effect Pfizer?  At this point, it seems like it wouldn't have many negative consequences.  He also said there is no news about the much coveted dividend that was cut when the bought Wyeth. 

Personally, I'm on board with the idea of health care reform, but like most large scale projects like this, I'm hesitant to believe the government will get it right. 

Long PFE, and might be adding. 


scheng1 said...

Hopefully Pfizer reforms its own marketing strategy.

Michael said...

Care to elaborate on that? Thanks for commenting.

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