Thursday, January 7, 2010

Opportunity Knocks...

The market has been pretty boring.  We've been in the pattern of hovering near unchanged most days, with the occassional move of 1%.  Everytime it appears the market is headed for a lower open, prices are scooped right up and we move higher.  Fund My Mutual Fund had an interesting piece showing more evidence that the government is manipulating the market.  This wouldn't be a big shock considering what else we've seen.  At the end of the day, we're just looking for stocks at good prices, so we can't spend too much time worrying about things like this.

Lots of stocks I like out there right now.  I've said this a million times before but I'd love to see just a little pull back to give me some comfort about moving into larger positions.  My pattern lately has been to buy a small position so I'm at least in, but am waiting before getting in heavier.

Some stocks I like here are: CFN,CODI,TIII,CNI, L, EFTC, OESX, MOT.  There are others that I own and may add as well like PFE and ABB.  As always, I'll post transactions.

Disclosure: Long CFN, CODI, TIII, PFE, ABB

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