Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Misc.

Carefusion (CFN) reported yesterday after the bell.  Earnings were pretty solid, and they upped their guidance for the upcoming quarter and the remainder of the year.  The market sold the news this morning as they were hoping for a bit better numbers.  I'm not particularly worried about the stock here and am taking no action.  Stocks tend to be quite volatile around earnings as we all know.

I'm still waiting for Compass Diversified (CODI) to report.  They have a great business model and I really appreciate the transparency of their management.  Here's a nice presentation of their business model and various stats.

Market volatility has picked up and most are trying to figure out whether buyers will step back in and buy the dips, or if the correction is on.  Right now, it feels like we're headed lower.  As someone looking to pickup stocks, that is a good thing.  I'll be buying or adding to these stocks if the opportunity presents itself: FRX,CODI,L,ETFC and a few others.

Disclosure: Long CFN, CODI, L, ETFC

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