Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to Follow My Portfolio

I haven't been able to update here as much as I'd like, but most of my recent buys have been going well.  Especially IGO (IGOI) and Jamba (JMBA).  Both have lots of good things coming ahead and I'll continue to add to those positions if the opportunity presents itself.

I wanted to make sure that those out there reading can follow my trading portfolio via Covestor.  Covestor tracks all my trades and keeps track of performance.  They will send you email alerts when I make a trade as well.  It is only tied to one of my accounts, but it is the account where most of my activity comes from.  So if you're interested, sign up at Covestor.com and follow me.  My username is briskycapital.  You can also click the widget below to go directly to my Covestor page.

Disclosure: Long IGOI, JMBA

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