Thursday, October 21, 2010

Position Update

I continue to be cautiously optimistic, and more bullish than most.  I finally sold off my small position in ABB, at 22.90.  I've been waiting for some time to exit this position, and decided to sell into the strength here.  I like the company, but just don't see as much upside for the stock as I do in others I'm looking at.  That's what selling ultimately comes down to if you're value oriented.  I look at basically two things: 1) Is the stock fairly valued or even over valued? and 2) Do I have somewhere better to put that cash?  In this case, I feel pretty solid on both for ABB.  Sure, if the market continues to rally it could move higher, but like I said before, I have a few other ideas.

Now, I'm not looking to sell anything else I own, unless we see a lot more upside.  For a quick update on what I own for individual stocks, here goes:

General Growth Properties (GGP)
American Capital (ACAS)
Compass Diversified (CODI)
TII Network Technologies (TIII)
Etrade (ETFC)
Jamba (JMBA)
Pfizer (PFE)
Igo Inc. (IGOI)

I will add to any of these, if given the opportunity.  I've got a few new ones in my sights as well, but as usual, I'm willing to be patient and (hopefully) not overpay.

There you have it.  I'll try to update more frequently.